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Member News - Coalition News #1

March 24, 2017

Good morning and thank you for joining the CBSM ( Coalition for better Atlantic Salmon management in New Brunswick )

As of Wednesday March 22nd, DFO has been advised of our Coalition's formation, and as such we are now "on the map" as a conservation organization here in New Brunswick.  Below is a copy of the text from that notification. As part of this first communication to DFO you will note our underlined statement that the CBSM will not accept another year of status quo.

On the same day we also advised the umbrella NGO's of our existence - the ASF, the NBSC, and the NBWF.  Our membership roll is now close to 100 and growing daily.  For those who, as yet, may not have seen our formation document I have attached it to this e-mail.  it lays out who we are and what we are about. 

A strong membership is essential to the success of the coalition so please continue to spread the word.  Our contact information is shown in the document.

Lastly, the Steering Committee will be meeting again on Tuesday March 28th, if you are interested in participating just let us know.

 Sent to DFO March 22nd

This e-mail correspondence is to advise you, and your office, that a new Atlantic Salmon conservation organization has recently been formed for the province of New Brunswick.

Attached for your information are the particulars about our group; essentially our mission statement, goals and objectives.  In less than a week our membership is approaching 100, and we expect that it will expand well beyond this level.

We would ask that you add our group to your list of NGO’s with whom you consult on Atlantic Salmon matters and that you keep us appraised of developments or regulatory announcements.  You will note that we hope to serve as an information conduit between your department and our members, and that we desire, open, clear, and timely communication.

In a word, our organization has come about due to a prevailing sense of inertia on the part of DFO with respect to the management of Atlantic Salmon.  Much has transpired in the past two years with all interested parties calling on DFO to “get on with the job” and while monies have been announced for new partnerships and research; it appears, that on the matter of management, your office is once again leaning towards maintaining the status quo in 2017. 

In this regard the Coalition for Better Atlantic Salmon Management in New Brunswick wishes to advise that our members will not accept another year of status quo from DFO.

Please acknowledge receipt of this correspondence by return e-mail.

Thank you.


Tom Pettigrew,

Steering Committee Chair – CBSM