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Member News - Coalition News #2

April 6, 2017

Hello, and thank you for joining the CBSM ( Coalition for better Atlantic Salmon management in New Brunswick )  This is our 2nd e-mailing for new members.

As of today our membership now exceeds 600. For those of you who may not have seen our formation document, I have attached it to this e-mail. It lays out who we are and what we are about. 

Also attached is a copy of the poster we have had drafted for publicity purposes and to accompany the circulation of our pamphlet.  Both have been translated into French and a print shop is now preparing to print a run of 5,000 English and French pamphlets and 200 posters .  We hope to be circulating these around the province starting next week.  If you are able to assist with this effort please let us know.

For your information the following is a quick summary of developments to date.

March 14th – Coalition is formed and an initial Steering Committee set up.

March 22nd – DFO Moncton (Gulf unit) and DFO Halifax (Maritimes unit) are notified of our groups formationMembership was nearing 100 when this step was taken.  Below is an excerpt from that correspondence. Note the underlined message conveyed with that notification.

"Much has transpired in the past two years with all interested parties calling on DFO to "get on with the job" and while monies have been announced for new partnerships and research; it appears, that on the matter of management, your office is once again leaning towards maintaining the status quo in 2017. 

In this regard the Coalition for Better Atlantic Salmon Management in New Brunswick wishes to advise that our members will not accept another year of status quo from DFO."

The ASF, the NBWF, and the NBSC,  (provincial ngo's) were also notified of our group's formation on the same day.

March 23rd – the office of Dominic LeBlanc, Federal Minister of Fisheries & Oceans, was notified about the CBSM

March 28th – first meeting of the CBSM Steering Committee held, two additions welcomed, publicity efforts commenced. Membership from "word- of mouth" and e-mail circulation was approaching 300

March 29th – preliminary print run of a plain pamphlet and poster done,  CBSM bank account set up,

March 31st – DFO announces its Striped Bass angling regulations for 2017.  CBSM members attending the announcement clearly expressed the view that DFO had taken a step backwards and appeared to favor growing this population even further.

The CBSM had a presence at the Sportsman Show in Moncton with circulation of its initial pamphlet and poster.

April 3rd – e-mail correspondence on the Striped Bass situation drafted and forwarded to DFO Moncton.  Excerpt below:


" With Friday's announcement of the Striped Bass angling regulations for 2017;  many of our members have interpreted the three week closure of a portion of the Northwest Miramichi estuary, and the maintaince of the single fish per day bag limit for the principle time periods when Striped Bass are within the estuarial waters of the Miramichi system, as a clear signal that DFO wants to grow this population even further.

Given the above; we are now asking the following clear and specific question.

What is DFO's population objective, in terms of a numerical value for spawners,  for the Striped Bass stock of the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence ? "

April 4th – The CBSM contacts the ASF with respect to their research on smolt survival rates through the Miramichi estuary in the context of Striped Bass impacts. 

 April 6th– The CBSM contacts Minister's LeBlanc's office with regard to the subject of FSC licenses and the question of DFO mandate. 

CBSM membership exceeds 600.

 From the foregoing you can see that the Coalition is now active on all three of the issues laid out in our formation document.  Our membership continues to grow and we are now considering the creation of an web site to have an "on line presence".  

 More weight is still needed for the push; so recruit a neighbour, a friend, or even a stranger and help build the Coalition.