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Member News - Coalition News #4

June 5, 2017

To all CBSM members:

  • DFO remains mute
  • Membership exceeds 1,000
  • Website fully functional
  • Contact with Minister’s office achieved
  • The push continues

"Coalition news" format change:  lessons learned from last membership e-mailing;

-  keep it short (do not put a newsletter in an e-mail)

-  most people now access their e-mail on their cell phones, small screens, limited time

-  start with the headlines, put the punch up front not at the end, a lot of people don’t get there

My apologies to those I may have put to sleep with our May 8th send out.  If you are one of those that didn’t get to the end of Coalition news # 3, consider checking it out under "member news" on our website.  There was some punch there in the last three paragraphs.

Now to current news:

  • DFO remains mute – five questions asked, no answers received, but the pressure is being felt. DFO-Gulf has a new  Regional Director General so a lapse in continuity may be a factor here.
  • Membership exceeds 1,000 – impressive !, a "welcome" to new members and a "thanks" to all 1,000 plus for your support.  Lets keep this snowball rolling.
  • Website fully functional - check it out at

Issues link - up,   note:  the issues and accompanying commentary, listed on this link are consistent with the three focus areas identified by the CBSM as priority for 2017. There is however, one addition.

Viewpoints link - up,  note: this link is set up as an opportunity for members to express and exchange viewpoints on matters pertinent to Atlantic Salmon management in New Brunswick. It is not intended as a forum for back and forth discussion, but rather as a venue for member participation.  Submissions can be forwarded to the Steering Committee who will vet them for appropriateness prior to posting

Ability to join on line – up

Ability to pay membership  &/or make a donation on line - up    Note;  for those CBSM members who have yet to drop off their $2.00 membership fee you can now do so via the website. Just click on the "join the Coalition" link, fill in your information and hit the $2.00 tab it will take you to Paypal for payment. We can then sort new from old by name and check you off as paid on our master list.

  • Contact with Minister’s office achievedafter two hand-offs, the Minister’s Special Assistant - Atlantic for Fisheries and Oceans Canada has been in touch by e-mail and phone.  Resolution is being sought on two issues through the Minister’s office.


The push continues,


Tom Pettigrew

Steering Committee Chair - CBSM