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Member News - Coalition News #5

July 10, 2017
To all CBSM members,

Significant developments over the last month,
  • CBSM puts out a call for the reinstatement of Grilse harvest tags for the balance of the 2017 season
  • First meeting with DFO held
  • CBSM opinion piece run in the press
  • Communication with Minister's office reaches critical point
Upcoming meeting - Saint John River Management Advisory Committee
CBSM Steering committee meets

The Telegraph Journal and the Times & Transcript badly in need of some "stock photos" of Grilse


Press release - On July 5th the CBSM put out a press release calling on DFO to reinstate the tags – allow some grilse harvest for the balance of the 2017 season. To see the full press release with background and rationale go to our website . It is listed at the bottom of the right hand column.

DFO meeting - Two days later, on July 7th, three members of your Steering Committee met with the Regional Director General for the GULF Region at Moncton along with five of his staff. The meeting had been scheduled on June 23rd. A copy of the press release was personally handed over at this meeting. In his opening remarks the RDG referenced the opinion piece that had run in the papers - they were not happy with the content. In reply the CBSM noted that we were not happy with the lack of response to our correspondence - so we started off on even ground.

All three of the Coalition's focus areas were covered during the meeting. Two points of note were: 1) With respect to Striped Bass a request was made of DFO to drop the nonsensical slot limit for Stripers caught on inland waters (most fish caught are juveniles and below the 50cm minimum). The Smallmouth Bass Regs. on the Nashwaak were cited as a precedence for this and it should be done now, not next year. 2) With respect to river-by-river management it was requested that DFO put on an joint "update session" for the CBSM, the NBSC, and the NBWF as to where things stand and what can be expected. This the RDG agreed to do. Better communication and the need for public outreach on the part of DFO was a major theme of the meeting.

Opinion piece - A copy of this can be found on our website under the "viewpoints" section. It ran in the Telegraph Journal, the Daily Gleaner, and the Miramichi Leader, under the press assigned headline of "Coalition will not accept DFO's rope-a-dope game". It seemed to create a bit of a stir.

Minister's office - Communication has been ongoing with the Minister's staff over the two principal issues that the CBSM had placed before him. On June 26th his "Special Assistant - Atlantic", who had been given the file, forwarded an e-mail with some information that he obtained from DFO on its "current approach" to Atlantic Salmon management and appeared to say that he considered the file closed - NOT THE CASE. The CBSM responded that it was the "current approach" itself that was the problem and needed changing. We are now actively seeking a meeting with Minister Leblanc through MP Pat Finnigan.

Lastly the CBSM Steering Committee met on June 29th - minutes are available to members upon request. Also the CBSM has been invited to join the Saint John River Management Advisory Committee and will have a representative attend its annual meeting scheduled for July 18th

Oh, and as mentioned above, both the Telegraph Journal and the Times & Transcript are in need of some Grilse photos. Handed a press release that was clearly about Grilse and Angling, both chose to run a large salmon cover photo related to research. So send them a photo or two. One can only presume that they do know the difference between a Grilse and a Salmon but simply do not have a suitable Grilse photo.

Keep the push going!

Tom Pettigrew
CBSM Steering Committee - Chair