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Member News - Coalition News #6

July 24, 2017
To all CBSM members,

  • We have our answer – DFO says "no"
  • ASF to present on Miramichi smolt survival


DFO's answer

"The DFO Gulf Region cannot give a positive answer to your request to immediately reinstate the harvest of grilse in the recreational fishery, as this would have an impact on the ability of First Nations and Indigenous groups to harvest their Food, Social and Ceremonial (FSC) allocations." Received by email July 19th, 2017

You will note that there is no mention of "conservation benefit" in this answer. A quick refresher – April 13th DFO announces yet another year of mandatory Grilse release; sites maintenance of the conservation benefit as the rationale. April 28th - the CBSM asks DFO to articulate and quantify this conservation benefit for the information of our membership. July 5th – in the absence of any response to our inquiry from DFO, the CBSM issues a press release calling for the reinstatement of grilse harvest tags. July 7th – the request is presented to DFO at a meeting with the RDG, Gulf Region. July 19th - above answer received, and with it, a new era for the recreational angling fishery begins.

ASF presentation

Your Steering Committee has arranged for the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) to present a summary of their preliminary research findings on the survival of smolt exiting the NW Miramichi and SW Miramich river systems. A great opportunity to gain some first-hand insight into how the smolt from these two river systems have been faring in recent years.

The presentation will take place at the Salmon Museum in Doaktown at 7:30 pm on August 10th, 2017. The presentation will be open to all interested CBSM members. Please contact our Secretary Bonnie Wright either by e-mail ( or by phone (506-836-7545) if you wish to attend. This will enable us to have an idea of what the attendance is likely to be and we can plan accordingly.

Tom Pettigrew
CBSM Steering Committee - Chair