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Member News - Coalition News #9

January 5, 2018

To all CBSM members,

Welcome to 2018 !

DFO is out of the mud

CBSM puts forward a proposal to help kick start river-by-river management in 2018

More information added to website

    1. DFO is out of the mud and on the road to better management, but can they stay out of the ditches and avoid bogging down again – that is the question for 2018. From our last Coalition news e-mail you will recall that DFO is now proceeding with two initiatives - implementing the "Precautionary Approach" management system for the four rivers of the Miramichi as a test case, and undertaking a review/consultation process aimed at "transforming" how salmon angling is conducted here in New Brunswick (the NBRSMT project). Also, by way of an e-mail received Dec. 21st, we were advised that a revision of DFO's Wild Atlantic Salmon Conservation Policy is in the works. Hopefully all of this will eventually translate into better salmon management going forward but it is the timelines that are of concern; given DFO's history of prolonging change.

    2. CBSM puts forward a proposal for 2018. Attached please find a word document outlining a proposal put forward to DFO on Dec. 4th, 2017. Having attend two meetings on the PA management system, and one on the NBRSMT project, it became evident from the discussions on objectives and timelines that neither would likely yield results in sufficient time prior to the start of the 2018 season to enable some implementation. As such it was felt prudent to suggest an option to DFO that would provide a means of at least beginning to move towards river-by-river management this year. The option is viable and utilizes the licensing system already in place. The proposal also emphasizes the point that the CBSM wants to see positive movement on river-by-river management across the board this season and will not support another year of status quo. This same message was presented at DFO-Gulf's annual recreational fishery advisory committee meeting on Dec. 14th and a hard copy of the proposal was submitted at that time.

    3. More information added to website. In keeping with our goal of being a conduit of information between DFO and our membership we have recently posted a number of items on the CBSM website at One is a summary of the Dec. 14th advisory committee meeting which can be found under the "member news" tab. This may be of interest. It was drafted for the information of the Steering Committee members and they felt it should also be available to the membership at large. It provides some insight on the topics covered and the positions taken by the various participants. The advice provided by the NGO's on the Striped Bass fishery for 2018 is detailed here. Also presented at this meeting were the results of DFO's online surveys regarding Atlantic salmon and Striped Bass. Both of these documents can be found under the "viewpoints" tab. Similarly, the data presentations on the status of Salmon stocks and Striped Bass made by DFO at the meeting can be accessed under the "data" tab. Lastly, under this same "data" tab, we have added two graphs depicting resident and non-resident salmon angling license sales covering the 52 year period from 1965 through to, and including, this past season of 2017. The information was obtained from the province and provides a unique look back though time as well as clearly demonstrating the impact of the mandatory grilse catch and release provision implemented in 2015 on resident license sales. This graph speaks strongly to the point that the CBSM has made with regard to stewardship.
Tom Pettigrew

Steering Committee Chair - CBSM